Latest Single release 2020: Moonlight

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 Latest  Album release: Paul Hindemith Sonatas for Viola Solo

"The expressivity of Rodolfo is also multiple, so that it is in the changing spirit of the composer's proposals. It's not simple, it requires creating an atmosphere every time. There is a versatility, virtuosity and an artistic height in Jesus Rodolfo that make this recital a proposal, nothing easy for him to hear, and that constitutes a feat for the artist who tears up these seventeen movements of an unattended repertoire due to that double difficulty. There are magic moments, such as the passagecaglia that closes the 1919 Sonata, or electrifying, like the unemployed value of the 1922 finale, a splendid recital."

"As a First-Class performer of the last generations of Spanish soloists, Jesús Rodolfo has a great degree in terms of expressive technique and musiciality. Its tone is nice and warm, with a clear academic understanding of the scores. The result of all these are attractive works and the changing textures and subtleties of the registry, are the heart of the music of Hindemith and this album as a whole, well recorded in sound, can be recommended to fans, both from the instrument, from the chamber music and Hindemith himself."

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